10Pcs Blue Nano MGMN200-G 2mm Carbide Insert

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Drillpro 10pcs HRC45 Blue Nano MGMN200-G 2mm Carbide Insert for MGEHR/MGIVR Turning Tool Holder

Brand Drillpro
Model  MGMN200-G
Material Carbide
Coating Blue Nano
Hardness HRC45                                      
Size 2mm
For                                                                       MGEHR/MGIVR Cutting Off Turning Tool Holder

(Fit for MGEHR/MGIVR Turning Tool Holder)

1. Blue nano coating, high temperature resistance, better processing.
2. Hardeness up to HRC45, fit for Normal processing stainless steel and ordinary, such as steel 45 steel,A3 steel, stainless steel and other soft materials 201,304.
Also perfect for hardness material.
3. Earn 3-5 times of service life.
4. High grip strength, impact resistance and strong, clear speed advantage in cutting off a large margin and processing.

5. Practical and a variety of processing environments, even in very dirty environments such as cast iron also has good features.