5pcs 8mm Shank Indexable Tool Holders with CCMT060204 DCMT070204

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Shank diameter: 8mm
Material: 40Cr Alloy Steel
Hardness: 42~46 HRC
Holder Size Length Carbide Insert
SDNCN-0808F07 8mm 80mm DCMT070204
SCLOR-0808F06 8mm 80mm CCMT060204
SCMCN-0808F06 8mm 80mm CCMT060204
SO8K-SCLCR06 8mm 120mm CCMT060204
S08K-SDUCR07 8mm 120mm DCMT07020

High hardness - Made of alloy steel with high hardness and high strength.
Good toughness - Heat treatment and vacuum hardened improves toughness.
Anti-vibration - Vibration-absorbing tool shank ensures low-vibration machining.
Long service life - Provides 3-5 times tool life than old version.
Good low temperature impact strength 0-improved the surface gloss of workpieces.
Great for semi-finishing and finishing operations.
External cutting, Internal cutting, Thread cutting and cut off blading.
For both bench lathe and CNC machine.