Our Warehouses

By offering local warehouses, we cater to a broader audience and maximize our delivery options.

US Warehouse

Our North American warehouse is in Charlotte NC and offers faster shipping for some parts of North and South America.

CN Warehouse

Our Asian warehouses are located in China, and they are spread throughout cities in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Most orders are processed through these Chinese warehouses as the overseas warehouses do not have big stocks. The CN warehouses are in multiple cities.

AU Warehouse

We launched Australian warehouse an  in 2018 and it now serves to provide fast shipping on popular items to everyone in Australia. There are future plans to open the AU warehouse up to Kiwis in New Zealand.

EU Warehouses

Our European warehouses offer speedy delivery of products to both EU customers and the UK.
Located in:

  •  France
  •  England
  •  Spain

Operations are complex and “split shipped” simplifies it.

When a product is not available in the local warehouse of your country, Your order will automatically get forwarded to our other warehouses and ship it, this eliminates the need for a central shipping hub and means we can ship items out as fast as possible.