MCMN 12mm Shank Solid Turning Tool Holders

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MCMNN1616H12 MCGNR1616H12 MCMNN1616H12-80 MCGNL1616K12 Turning Tool Holder with Wrenches

Model MCMNN1616H12, MCGNR1616H12, MCMNN1616H12-80, MCGNL1616K12
Shank Diameter 12 x 12mm/ 0.47'' x 0.47''
MCMNN1616H12: 97mm
MCGNR1616H12: 97mm
MCMNN1616H12: 98mm
MCGNL1616K12: 98mm
Applications Turning, Facing
High clamping strength, high impact resistance.
Good toughness and hardness, long service life.
It can reduce the tool grinding cost and improve the cutting efficiency.
Suitable for a variety of processing environments, even in very very bad cast iron processing environment, it also has good functional.
Quick and easy clamping and replacement mode, only need one wrench to complete the replacement blade and shim.