12mm SCLCR/L SCMCN Turning Tool Holders W/ CCMT09T304 Inserts

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4pcs SCLCR/L SCMCN 12mm Boring Bar Turning Tool Holder With 10pcs CCMT09T304 Inserts

Lathe Model: S12M-SCLCR09 / SCLCR1212H09 / SCLCL1212H09 / SCMCN1212H09

CCMT09T304 Carbide Inserts:
Model: CCMT09T304
Insert Grade: YBC251
Thickness: 4 mm
Side Length: 10 mm

Model S12M-SCLCR09 SCLCR1212H09 SCLCL1212H09 SCMCN1212H09
Color Black Black Black Black
Direction Right Hand Right Hand Left Hand Middle
Shank Diameter 12 mm 12 mm 12 mm 12 mm
Shank Length 150 mm 100 mm 100mm 100mm
Wrench T 15 T 15 T 15 T 15
Accept Insert CCMT09T304 CCMT09T304 CCMT09T304 CCMT09T304
Suitable For Semi-finishing, finishing Semi-finishing, finishing Semi-finishing, finishing Semi-finishing, finishing

1.To maintain tight tolerances unmatched performance.
2.Accessories steel is good, long life, reducing the user cost of the tool.
3.High grip strength, impact resistance and strong, clear speed advantage in cutting off a large margin and processing.
4.User clamping and convenient way to replace, only a wrench to complete the replacement of the knife blade and pad.
5.Practical and a variety of processing environments, even in very dirty environments such as cast iron also has good features


  1. Open the tool case carefully.To avoid injury do not touch shape edge.
  2. Use safely precaution such as guards and eye protection before using the tool.