300R C25-25-150 Milling Tool Holder CNC For APMT1135 Insert

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300R C25-25-150 Milling Toolholder Lathe Turning Tool Holder For APMT1135 Insert
Material: stainless steel
Diameter: 25mm / 1''
Height: 150mm / 6''
Flutes: 3 Flutes
Inserts Type: APMT1135 (Insert is not included)
Spanner: T8

- High grip strength, impact resistance and strong, clear speed advantage in cutting off a large margin and processing;
- To maintain tight tolerances unmatched performance;
- User clamping and convenient way to replace, only a wrench to complete the replacement of the knife blade and pad;
-Open the case carefully.
-To avoid injury do not touch sharp edge.
-Use safety precaution such as guards and eye protection before using the tool.
-Exchange a tool when it occurs problem such as a noise,vibration and a flame.