400R-50-22 Face End Mill With MT3-FMB22 Shank & APMT1604 Inserts

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50mm Face Endmill CNC Mill Cutter 400R-50mm-22 With MT3-FMB22 Shank And 4pcs APMT1604 Carbide Inserts
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Material Carbide Alloy
Milling Cutter Model 400R-50-22
Milling Cutter Aperture 49mm
Milling Cutter Diameter 50mm
Milling Cutter Height 45mm
Milling Cutter Flute Quantity 4 Flutes
Shank Model MT3-FMB22
Shank Diameter 22mm
Applicable Inserts APMT1604PDER (4pcs)
Insert Size 16mm
Wrench Size T15
Clamp Screw M4X10

Processing range: roughing, plane processing; groove cut; side processing; stairs processing
Carbide alloy cast
Good impact resistance,high hardness
The rotary and milling feed rates 3 times more than normal milling cutter
Ideal tool for heavy CNC milling cutting