7/8/10/12mm SCLCR06 Turning Tool Holders Inserts CCMT0602

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Model: S07K-SCLCR06, S08K-SCLCR06, S10K-SCLCR06, S12M-SCLCR06
hardness 45hrc

Model Shank Diameter Min. Bore Overall Length Lead Cutting Angle  Direction
S07K--SCLCR06 7mm/0.27'' 9mm 125mm/4.92''    95 Degree  Right Hand
S08K--SCLCR06 8mm/0.31'' 10mm
S10K--SCLCR06 10mm/0.39'' 12mm
S12M-SCLCR06 12mm/0.46'' 16mm 150mm/5.91''
Insert: CCMT0602 (10pcs)
Wrench: T8

Profiling bar for semi-finishing and finishing operations.
Bar hardness approximately 45HRC.
Extreme gloss finishing.
It can reduce the tool grinding cost and improve the cutting efficiency;
Good low temperature impact toughness, improved the surface gloss of the cutting pieces.


  1. Open the tool case carefully.To avoid injury do not touch shape edge.
  2. Use safely precaution such as guards and eye protection before using the tool.