15mm Shank SRAPR1616H10 Boring Bar W/ Inserts RPMT10T3MO

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SRAPR1616H10 Face Milling External Lathe Holder with 10pcs RPMT10T3MO Inserts Turning Tool Set


Material: hard alloy
Color: gray and cooper
Toolholder size: 15x15x100mm
Inserts size: 9x2mm (Inner diameter: 5mm)

1. High grip strength, impact resistance and strong, clear speed advantage in
cutting off a large margin and processing;
2. To maintain tight tolerances unmatched performance;
3. Practical and a variety of processing environments, even in very dirty environments
such as cast iron also has good features;
4. User clamping and convenient way to replace, only a wrench to complete the
replacement of the knife blade and pad;
5. Accessories steel is good, long life, reducing the user cost of the tool